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24 Powerful Techniques to empower your performance.

Become a trainer and a performance coach….24 powerful videos to  enable you establish that. You can apply it on yourself and others to overcome limitations that are holding you and others back from being successful

This set of 24 videos are a powerful tool to empower yourself in all directions. The quality of your life will find a great meaning when you are in a position to help others overcome their limitations.

There is certainly growing demand for the trainers in the industry of performance training. As a trainer you stand a huge scope to increase the possibilities of creating a positive impact over the society and also yourself.

I am Karthik Poovanam. I have trained thousands people from all walks of life. I have given a brief intro of my profile below for your kind reference. What I have noticed is that there is an increasing demand for quality trainers. Now what makes quality a dominant factor in your trainer. It is simply the tools that you hold as a trainer that shall determine how successful and how effective you shall be as a trainer.

24 powerful tools have been established using a blend of the most proven techniques that are highly relevant. You will have access to the to the most relevant tools that will empower you further more as a trainer in personal effectiveness.


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This video training is a potential doorway to create a desirable outcome and set a tone for success

Name of the Video
Technique Used
Areas of application
1Defining a new meaning to the feeling that bother youDissociation Technique2 Minute 29 SecondsFamily
Professional work
2Reduce the impact drastically of any unwanted anchorCollapsing anchors in action3 Minutes 24 SecondsShifting states of mind
Students to help them study better
3Activity to enrich your lifeEmbedded commands7 Minutes 24 SecondsGoal setting
Removing doubts
4Empower your teaching skillsEmpowering questions5 Minutes 47 SecondsGenerate a positive thought
Plan the day better
Fell good
Gain clarity
5Empowering questions to empower youEmpowering questions to empower you2 Minutes 52 SecondsPower boost your confidence
Relationship with work
6Explore the outcomeLogical levels technique4 Minute 7 SecondsRoad map to success
Decision making
7Remove any kind of fear for yourself and othersFast phobia cure5 Minute 5 SecondsTo Remove:
Fear of subject for students
Fear of job assignment
Fear of loosing the relationships
8Create a design to move forward in teaching and in lifeFast forward technique5 Minute 1 SecondsManifestation stop
9Planning with a certain roadmapFool proof planning3 Minutes 50 SecondsBusinessman
10Pace the feature the way you wantFuture pacing technique4 Minute 4 SecondsFeature planning
Removing blocks
Goal setting
11Essential techniques to get things doneGetting things done5 Minute 10 SecondsTime management
Stop procrastination
Remove blocks
12The essence of gratitude and its potential impactGratitude inventory technique4 Minute 29 SecondsGratitude
Feeling good about the self
Developing appreciation
Attitude development
13The best way to make a difficult decisionMaking difficult decissions2 Minute 29 SecondsDecision making skills
Getting into action
14Managing any kind of negative emotions both at work and homeManaging negative emotions5 Minute 14 SecondsEmotional freedom
Freedom from anger
Freedom from stress
15Remove your limiting beliefs Meta model technique7 Minute 20 SecondsConfidence
Remove any kind of blocks
Goal setting
16NLP presuppositions a very powerful knowingNLP presuppositions 4 Minute 3 SecondsBreak the barriers
Communication skills
Thought process
17 Unleash the power to achieve things in what you doOutcomes a lubricant for achievement10 Minutes 16 SecondsGoal fulfillment activity
Working on lethargy
18 Change the experience to your feelings6 Step re-framing technique 8 Minute 6 SecondsEmotional freedom
19Overcome the pattern of overwhelm Overcoming overwhelm13 Minutes 16 SecondsFreedom from anxiety
Freedom from overwhelm
Freedom from stress
20 Understanding yourself and anybody betterPerpetual position technique4 Minute 22 SecondsCommunication skills
Clarity in life
21 Technical planning road map to create a design to succeedPlanning to succeed3 Minute 14 SecondsGoal setting
22Know how to relax progressivelyProgressive relaxation technique3 Minute 39 SecondsFreedom from stress
Freedom from worries
23How to Respond to crucial situations in a relaxed mannerRelaxation response technique 3 Minutes 8 SecondsRelationships
Communication skills
24Recreate a response within yourself the way you want any timeSetting an anchor technique5 Minute 11 SecondsRecreating a pleasant emotional state

These powerful 24 techniques will be a determining factor in helping you establish a state of mind that shall have a rewarding effect for YOU.

Watch the intro video. All the 24 videos will be of the same format.

If you are looking to become a trainer in personal effectiveness, then you must have a certain methodology that you can apply and create a possibility for the desired outcome for your client.

This set of 24 powerful techniques will be a great support in that direction.

You can see for yourself In how many areas can you help yourself and the client:

  • Remove any kind of fear
  • Establish a state within to overcome anxiety
  • Freedom from stress
  • Enhance the Decision making abilities
  • Increase the performance levels
  • Overcoming negative emotions
  • Anchor a personal positive state of mind at will
  • Removing emotional blocks


  • You can watch it at your own convenient time
  • You can watch it any number of times whereas you make a payment only once.
  • You can have access to it any number of times and when ever you wish.


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About the trainer:


Profile of the trainer: Karthik Poovanam is a certified trainer from the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF NEURO LINGUISTIC PSYCHOLOGY (Florida). He has authored 33 E-books, which brings about creating well being both at emotional and mental levels. He is the creator of the process called  SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND.

This process has been delivered in the top engineering colleges like





CBIT HYDERABAD and many to name.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A TEACHER  has found good acceptance in the International schools.

People from all walks of life have been a part of the session SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND that include institutional heads, organizational heads, CEO of companies, IPS officers, students, engineers, doctors and cooperate employees.

Session to IPS officers at AP Police Academy


Karthik poovanam delivers an open house event


Karthik poovanam at IIT HYDERABAD


Karthik poovanam in a session


Karthik poovanam with professors of BITS PILANI Hyderabad



Few Books by karthik poovanam that is available in international forums like amazon, I-book store, Kobo and many more



marketing book

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